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Civil Research Group

For sustainable and resilient buildings and infrastructure

The Civil Research Group has been focused on five research topics: Structural Health Monitoring, Hygrothermal Behaviour of Buildings, Sustainable Building Materials, Green Road Infrastructure Materials and Design, and Nature-based Solutions.

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25 AUGUST 2023

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Special Issue on the “Impact of climate change on the SHM of civil infrastructure”

This Special Issue intends to bring together publications involving studies on the impacts of climate change on the SHM of infrastructure. For more information: https://journals.sagepub.com/home/shm.

Climate Action for Buildings and Infrastructure

Adaptation is the pathway for new and existing buildings and infrastructure on their climate journey. This action brings together some answers to some unknowns.

be-READY – REsilient roAD pavement for sustainabilitY

The Project “be-READY – REsilient roAD pavements for sustainabilitY” of Prof. Vítor Antunes has started, as published on the EEA Grant website. The deterioration of roads is one of the biggest challenges in infrastructure management. How can we achieve sustainable pavement solutions? Have a look at the workshop being organized at OsloMet.

Inundações em Lisboa: A Solução

Conferência | Universidade Lusófona, Campus de Lisboa | 11h00-13h00, 1 de março, 2023

Summer Course on Structural Health Monitoring

5 ECTS | June 26-30, 2023, in person (30h) | 15h remotely | MSc and PhD Students

Book Publication on Theory of Elasticity

06 DECEMBER 2022

This book presents the essentials of the Theory of Elasticity by deriving the differential equations that govern the response of materials to external forces and exploring the mathematical methods available for their solution.

App4SHM at Futuro Hoje | SIC

18 OCTOBER 2022

Futuro Hoje, Lourenço Medeiros, SIC | You can have a look here

A Road for Adaptation of Bridges to Climate Change

Seminar: Auditorium Agostinho da Silva, Lusófona University | September 27, 2022 | Lisbon, Portugal | Public and free access This seminar intends to bring together experts from the bridge engineering field and academia, climatologists, bridge authorities, and decision makers to understand the impacts of climate change on the health of bridges and to propose cost-effective adaptation strategies.

App4SHM – Smartphone application for structural health monitoring

Development of a smartphone application to monitor the structural health of buildings and special structures (like bridges) after catastrophic events.

Reconhecer Project: Public presentation of the main conclusions

20 APRIL 2022

After three years in the making, the main conclusions of the Reconhecer Project were publicly disclosed with the presence of the Mayor of Barcelos, Mário Constantino, and two of its authors Eloi Figueiredo and Luís Oliveira Santos (Câmara Municipal de Barcelos).

Structural Health Monitoring

At our group, Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) has been proposed for damage identification in infrastructure (e.g., bridges) and road pavements, and more recently for climate change adaptation. Four main vectors have driven our research: system identification (e.g., dynamic field tests), machine learning, finite element modeling, and sensor node development.

Sustainable Road Infrastructure Materials and Design

Considering the goals for sustainable development and future, and the opportunities to improve our transportation infrastructures, namely the road infrastructure. This new research area is an evolution from the “road pavement materials”.

Application of photogrammetry to bridge monitoring

Video-based approaches are rooted in the photogrammetry whose principles were first developed as a means to create maps from aerial photographs.

ClimaBridge Project

For more information: ClimaBridge Project – Impact of climate change on the structural health of bridges. This project is coordinated by Eloi Figueiredo.

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