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SERENE – Optimal Seismic and Energy Retrofit of Buildings considering Economic and Environmental Impacts

  • Promoter Entity Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto
  • Coordinator (PI) and CoPI Ricardo Monteiro and Mário Marques
  • Funding Institution Portuguese Science and Technology Foundation (FCT) – PTDC/ECI-EST/1481/2021
  • Budget 249.760,28 Euros
  • Partners COFAC – Lusófona University
  • Other Participants Nuno Santos
  • Period of Funding 2022-2025
  • Website https://serene-project.pt/

SERENE is a FCT funded project that aims to propose and demonstrate a framework to integrate, in an optimal manner, the SEISMIC and ENERGY retrofitting of existing buildings, with a view to minimise the resulting ECONOMIC and ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACTS. SERENE will provide advanced seismic risk models, necessary to define structural retrofitting needs that can be integrated with energy efficiency renovation strategies, promoting sustainability and environmental impact mitigation.

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