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Civil Research Talks | Maria Limongelli | Value of Information from SHM for emergency management

Maria Pina Limongelli | Associate Professor, Department of Architecture, Built Environment and Construction Engineering, Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy

November 17, 2022 | 11h30-12h30 | Room U.0.6 | https://videoconf-colibri.zoom.us/j/93285885760 | Lusófona University, Lisbon, Portugal

Abstract: The management of civil infrastructures in the aftermath of a disruptive event is a concern for decision makers, which have to choose quickly among alternative actions with limited knowledge on the actual structural conditions. Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) information can support these decisions. However, information comes with a cost and the relevant benefit must be assessed before the acquisition of the SHM system is decided. A powerful tool to estimate the benefits and to optimize the SHM system design for specific applications is the Value of Information (VoI) analysis based on pre-posterior Bayesian analysis. In the presentation the theory will be shortly described and demonstrated through a couple of exemplary case studies.

Short Bio: Prof. Maria Pina Limongelli is Associate professor of Structural and seismic engineering at Politecnico di Milano and Guest Professor of Digital Structural Health Monitoring and Integrity Management at Lund University in Sweden. She holds a M.S. (1991) in Structural Engineering and a Ph.D. (1995) in Seismic Engineering. Her primary research interests are related to Value of SHM information analysis, Vibration-based monitoring, and SHM standardization. She is author of more than 200 scientific peer-reviewed papers and participates, with leading roles, in several national and international funded projects Structural Health Monitoring and performance assessment of roadway bridges. She coordinates activities in several committees, and associations such as ISHMII, fib, IABSE, and JCSS.

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