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Presentations at TEST&E 2022

24 JUNE 2022

Vítor Antunes and Ionut Moldovan presented three papers at the TEST&E 2022 – 3rd Conference on Testing and Experimentation in Civil Engineering, Almada, Portugal.

Workshop on Bio-Green-Circular Economy

31 May 2022

Took place the first workshop on bio green circular economy, by putting together three major fields: civil, environmental, and biotechnology engineering.

Reconhecer Project: Public presentation of the main conclusions

20 APRIL 2022

After three years in the making, the main conclusions of the Reconhecer Project were publicly disclosed with the presence of the Mayor of Barcelos, Mário Constantino, and two of its authors Eloi Figueiredo and Luís Oliveira Santos (Câmara Municipal de Barcelos).

Ambient vibration test with 56 students

02 APRIL 2022

45-min ambient vibration test in 20 s. This test intended to validate new sensing technologies. 56 people were standing on the bridge deck in order to introduce changes into the modal properties.

New publication on SHM of Bridges

27 MARCH 2022

Based on experience over 30 years in bridge monitoring, Eloi Figueiredo and James Brownjohn just had an article published on the last three decades of statistical pattern recognition paradigm for structural health monitoring of bridges.