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Civil Research Talks | Petra Bujnakova | Condition Assessment of Slovak Bridges

Petra Bujňáková | Associate Professor, Department of Concrete Structures and Bridges, University of Žilina, Slovakia

May 7, 2024 | 14h00-15h00 | Room N.1.10 | Lusófona University, Lisbon, Portugal

Abstract: Infrastructure constructed predominantly during the post-war era is nearing the end of its intended lifespan. Taking into account climate change and the conceptual details of the first bridges, we can learn more about how to adapt newly designed bridges to current challenges. In fact, assessment criteria for bridges vary from one country to another. As a result, these variations in methodology can yield disparate conclusions regarding the anticipated lifespan of evaluated structures. The correct intervention, e.g., repair or strengthening of the structure, requires knowledge of technological procedures from the past and the residual life of the critical structural details. A comprehensive view can be obtained by summarizing the analysis of all the causes and factors associated with the collapse condition of several precast bridges in Slovakia.

Short Bio: Petra Bujnakova is an associate professor at the Department of Structures and Bridges at the Faculty of Civil Engineering. Currently, she is Vice-dean for Development and International relations, at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Žilina, Slovakia. She specializes in the condition assessment of existing bridges and selection of appropriate rehabilitation strategies, conceptual design of precast bridges, and innovative technical solutions for structures and bridges including laboratory analysis of construction materials. She has 18 years of engineering experience. She holds a membership in international organizations, such as PAN (Katowice Branch of the Polish Academy of Sciences), EUROSTRUCT (European Association on Quality Control of Bridges and Structures), fib (Fédération Internationale du béton), the editorial team of Pollack Periodica Journal (Hungary) and a member of Slovak Commission for Design and Construction of Masonry Structures (TK 074).

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