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Infrastructure’s design and protection against blast loads

The last decades have witnessed a significant increase, not only in accidental explosions, but also in the use of improvised explosive devices in terrorist attacks against civil infrastructure. The occurrence of such an event, within or surrounding a civil infrastructure, may result in the failure of critical load bearing members, with subsequent social disruption and psychological impact on society, as well as high economic and environmental losses.

Coordination: Hugo Bento Rebelo

The consideration of blast loads in the design of critical infrastructure and the development of strengthening techniques and protective solutions, required to mitigate their effects and to improve the existing infrastructure’s capabilities, are paramount to minimize their impact on society.

Taking the challenges that face the scientific community into account, the following research topics are currently being pursued:

  • Numerical simulation of blast effects;
    Non-linear structural response (blast and impact loads);
    Additive manufacturing as a mean to develop protective solutions;
    Probabilistic approaches and robustness assessment.