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Sustainable Road Infrastructure Materials and Design

Considering the goals for sustainable development and future, and the opportunities to improve our transportation infrastructures, namely the road infrastructure. This new research area is an evoluation from the “road pavement materials”.

Hygrothermal optimization of buildings considering climate change

The hygrothermal behaviour of historic buildings that house artefacts can be studied through a non-destructive methodology, which enables to assess the impact of climate change in the indoor climate of buildings and, consequently, to find measures to mitigate its negative effects.

Application of photogrammetry to bridge monitoring

Video-based approaches are rooted in the photogrammetry whose principles were first developed as a means to create maps from aerial photographs.

Summer Course on Structural Health Monitoring

The main goal of this summer course is to introduce the concept of structural health monitoring (SHM) applied to bridges and special civil structures to MSc and PhD students from several European institutions. Note that due to bureaucratic issues, this course hasn’t been confirmed yet.
5 ECTS | June 26-30, 2023, in person (30h) | 15h remotely | MSc and PhD Students