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Workshop on Bio-Green-Circular Economy

31 May 2022

Took place the first workshop on bio green circular economy, by putting together three major fields: civil, environmental, and biotechnology engineering.

App4SHM – Smartphone application for structural health monitoring

Development of a smartphone application to monitor the structural health of buildings and special structures (like bridges) after catastrophic events.

Reconhecer Project: Public presentation of the main conclusions

20 APRIL 2022

After three years in the making, the main conclusions of the Reconhecer Project were publicly disclosed with the presence of the Mayor of Barcelos, Mário Constantino, and two of its authors Eloi Figueiredo and Luís Oliveira Santos (Câmara Municipal de Barcelos).

New publication on SHM of Bridges

27 MARCH 2022

Based on experience over 30 years in bridge monitoring, Eloi Figueiredo and James Brownjohn just had an article published on the last three decades of statistical pattern recognition paradigm for structural health monitoring of bridges.

The Bridge Tuners

24 MARCH 2022

Download the last DNIT’s issue and find more about the “The Bridge Tuners” by Ionut Moldovan and a short description of the bridge field tests carried out by the CRG in Brazil (October 2021).
“The Bridge Tuners” (This opinion article was originally written in Portuguese.) Did you know that the vibrations of a bridge are an authentic ‘fingerprint’ of that bridge? Well, now you do, so the next time you are on a bridge feeling shaken by the passing of a truck, instead of thinking “Oh, we are so going to die!!”, think instead that the vibration you are feeling belongs only to that bridge, and that there is no other bridge in the world that would vibrate in the same way.