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GeoHyTE Software

GeoHyTE is a computational tool for the automatic identification of the small strain shear modulus of geomaterials from the output signal of bender element tests.


GeoHyTE is based on the fixed-point model updating procedure reported here, which searches for the shear modulus that maximises the correlation between the output signals obtained experimentally and numerically.

GeoHyTE is highly insensitive to the starting point of the maximisation process and able to find the global maximum despite the presence of local extrema. Moreover, the convergence rate is very high. As opposed to most conventional interpretation techniques, the procedure implemented in GeoHyTE is objective (as it does not depend on the experience of the analyst) and physically-consistent (as it correlates signals of the same nature, obtained considering the physical features of the experiment).

GeoHyTE is user-friendly, featuring graphical user interfaces for all phases of the definition of the model, and outputs detailed descriptions of all fields at every iterations that can be used to visualise the solutions after (and even during) the execution.

A beta version of the software is distributed for testing to the scientific community and will be kept free for registered testers at all times. Interested colleagues are invited to register below.

User registration

Interested users can register for the beta version of GeoHyTE here.

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