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Cooperation Agreement with IfaS and the Trier University of Applied Sciences

University Lusófona (ULHT) has a cooperation agreement with IfaS and the Trier University of Applied Sciences, in Germany, since 2016.

The cooperation aims to development training programs on issues of circular economy, sustainable development and material flow management, as well as the academic exchange of students and Professors, as well as experiences and knowledge on issues of resource economics and the environment.

Professors and representatives of the ULHT participate on the yearly International Circular Economy Week (ICEW) of Rhineland-Palatinate since 2017. The ICEW and the exchange activities between IfaS and the ULHT has served as a platform bringing together like-minded professionals, academia and businesses from all over the world to one unique place on earth – the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld – for activities to showcase, demonstrate and share knowledge on the latest advancements in the application of Circular Economy, the practical means of tackling global economic and technological challenges of energy transition policies towards 100% renewable energy systems, and sustainable resource management (including water, sanitation and waste management strategies) paying special attention to the sustainable business aspect of the initiatives.

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