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Author: eloifigueiredo

Participation in CDW: Going further

24 NOVEMBER 2022

The CRG will participate in the CDW: Going further seminar (21 November 2022 at LNEC). Prof. Vítor Antunes will present the following invited lecture: “CDW in transport infrastructure. Is it possible to go further? Multi-recycling as the answer”.

For more informations contact: cursos@lnec.pt.

New publication on SHM of Bridges

11 NOVEMBER 2022

This paper presents a smartphone application called App4SHM, as a customized SHM process for damage detection. App4SHM interrogates the phone’s internal accelerometer to measure accelerations, estimates the natural frequencies, and compares them with a reference data set through a machine learning algorithm properly trained to detect damage in almost real time.

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