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App4SHM – Smartphone application for structural health monitoring

Development of a smartphone application to monitor the structural health of buildings and special structures (like bridges) after catastrophic events.

This application will be able to interrogate the phone’s internal sensors, or other paired devices via Bluetooth or USB, and to analyze and compare the data collected through intelligent algorithms properly trained in order to detect damage and quantify the structural risk in real time. As it is a mobile application with access to a server, it is possible to create a networked system of several nodes through the simultaneous use of several smartphones.

This is a R&D project funded by COFAC and involving students and professors from ULHT’s civil engineering and computer science courses: Eloi Figueiredo, Hugo Rebelo, Ionut Moldovan, Luís Silva, Nuno Penim, Paulo Oliveira, Pedro Alves.

For more information: http://www.app4shm.com

Where to download

You can already download our App4SHM from Apple Store and Google Play!


Figueiredo, E.; Moldovan, I.; Alves, P.; Rebelo, H.; Souza, L. (2022). Smartphone application for structural health monitoring of bridges. Sensors. 22(21), 8483. https://doi.org/10.3390/s22218483.

Official Presentations

The App4SHM has been presented at the TEST&E in Caparica (Portugal, June 2022) and at the 10th European Workshop on Structural Health Monitoring (10th EWSHM) in Palermo (Italy, July 2022).

Bridge Field Testing

The beta version of the App4SHM was tested in October 2021 during the dynamic tests performed on the two bridges over the Itacaiúnas bridges in Marabá, Brasil.

Media – Futuro Hoje, SIC, Lourenço Medeiros

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