universidade lusófona

Advanced numerical modelling of masonry (and concrete-like) structures

The accurate study of complex structural systems may require advanced strategies, yet not forgetting the importance of empirical and analytical formulations. Advanced modelling strategies need to include an accurate description of the mechanical response of materials at different scales of analysis. In this regard, the application and implementation of promising strategies is a research streamline, that goes from macro-scale strategies to material constitutive models.

Coordinator: Luís Silva

Some research topics that are addressed:

  • Development of discrete FE-based models for the linear/non-linear static, quasi-static, and dynamic analysis (slow and fast dynamics);
  • Development of two-scale strategies: meso- and macro-scales are considered. Homogenization strategies are developed to characterize, in a representative way, the equivalent response of the meso-media of materials;
  • Development of concurrent FE strategies to reduce the computational effort of full homogenized-based two scale strategies;
  • Implementation of constitutive material models in advanced software’s, such as ABAQUS;
  • Exploring the latter strategies considering both deterministic and probabilistic based approaches.

This research work is being developed and coordinated in Lusófona University by Prof. Luís C. Silva. Nonetheless, in this endeavour, several on-going research collaborations are paramount, such as with: Professor Paulo B. Lourenço, Professor Gabriele Milani, Dr. Marco Francesco Funari, Professor Hugo Bento Rebelo, Professor André Jesus, Professor Ernesto Grande.

Please contact Prof. Luís C. Silva for further details/potential collaboration/or fruitful discussion: luis.silva@ulusofona.pt.